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The Crest of Snow and Copper – XVII

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Woukd love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 17:

He realized what she was doing just a moment after she reached for his hands. Now, there she was kissing and caressing his wrists. As simple and unimpressive as it seemed, it was also terribly erogenous. How had she thought of that, his wrists? It was a sweet and innocent gesture and no one had ever touched him that way. The curiosity he had towards her gesture abandoned him as he felt her breasts brush past his forearms. Enough of this game. It was time to make her his, completely.

As he mover over her, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling and slowly caressing her reddened cheek. Her parted lips were inviting him for a kiss and he gladly accepted the invitation. His tongue met hers the exact moment he pushed himself inside her. Slowly; painfully and delightfully slowly; she received him, welcomed him, embraced him in the most intimate of ways, accommodating him fully inside her. They remained like that for a few moments, taking in the sensations of their conjoined bodies.

A perfect fit, as much of a cliché as it might have been; that’s what it was. It was like fitting a key to its designated lock. Her legs wrapped around his waist almost as if dancing, granting him easier and deeper access, as his hips slowly and steadily began rocking back and forth; grinding against her pelvis, his own pressing with every thrust on her clitoris, enhancing the sensations flooding the girl’s body and mind.

He loved the way she met his movement with her own, the way she contracted herself around his penis every time he pushed back in. She trembled at the feeling of his tip brushing ever so close to that spot, silently wishing he would not get there just yet, or she would be done for.

She dwelled on the thought of how he filled her and how she just wanted him more and more, deeper and faster. Exactly as if he had read her mind, the young man accelerated his thrusting rhythm, now both of them moving against each other freely, in between kisses, caresses and shallow breathing. Knowing it would be better, she lifted her bottom and lower back off of the bed, while he sustained her by encircling her waist with his right arm. The contact between them was now overwhelming.

Meu amor

Hoje vi-te.
O sol ganhou calor
a tristeza virou cor
e a minh’alma sorriu.
Meu coração correu
descompassado bateu
meu amor, meu amor.
Hoje vi-te.
As lágrimas fizeram sentido
as saudades ficaram comigo
a esperança cá dentro gritou.
Meus lábios quiseram beijar-te
meus braços, envolver-te
meu amor, meu amor.
Hoje vi-te.
O teu rosto de poema
as tuas mãos postas em cena
o sorriso sedutor.
Meu corpo tremia
minha boca dizia
meu amor, meu amor.
Hoje vi-te.
Foi como um renascer
da tua ausência doer
da perda e da mágoa sem fim.
Quis correr e agarrar-te
quis a viva voz chamar-te
meu amor. Meu amor!

The Crest of Snow and Copper – XVI

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Woukd love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 16:

 All awareness left her, apart from knowledge of her nether regions and what was taking place there. It was warm and yet sent chills down her spine, as he tasted her, teasing the core of her extremely sensitive flesh with the tip of his amazingly soft tongue. Her hands gripped the carpet firmly as he worked her nervous system into overdrive, slowly torturing her entrance with his rough thumb. A prelude for what was to come.

As he pushed one finger inside her, while devising circles on the neighboring hot spot with his mouth, she arched her back upwards, her bosom crowning the glory of her nudity. Exploring inside her to his delight, he knew neither of them could endure this delicious denial of release any longer. The woman’s firm grasp on his raven black locks as her hips swayed against him proved him that much.

That was as much foreplay as either of them could endure, she knew it, reveling on the funny sensations the brush of his day-old beard caused against her delicate, tender and over stimulated flesh. She wanted more, yet not wanting this lush torture to ever end. It was then he reached under her, cradling her in his arms and carrying her to the king-sized four-poster bed.

The girl was thankful of the softness the bed provided, for the carpet had begun to cause friction burn to her back. As she lay there, waiting for him to join her, she allowed herself the guiltless pleasure of committing his mesmerizing body to memory, keeping in small details, which she so loved to do.

The way his navel was more of an elongated ellipse rather than a circle; his wrists, proof of his strength yet such a fragile area… she felt the urge to kiss and caress those wrists and immediately acted upon it. She could feel the blood coursing through his veins with her lips, kissing the thin and softer skin on the inside areas, in contrast with his slightly rough hands. It was terribly hopeless: she was bewitched by him.

Evoluções | Evolutions

13 – Setembro – 2009
Sou carne, sou fraca, sou humana.
Sou carne, sou forte, sou humana.

28 de abril de 2012

Tenho falhas e defeitos, para além de qualidades. Por todos estes factores quero ser aceite e amada…e não apesar deles.
Não quero que me seja constantemente apontado o dedo aos meus defeitos e erros quando os conheço tão bem. Não se as coisas boas não são reconhecidas. Não sem a honestidade e franqueza, a aceitação e intimidade por que anseio.
Porque teimamos em acentuar os deslizes e falhanços e a abafar as realizações e sucessos dos outros? Porquê? Porquê somos tão rápidos a apontar o dedo e tão reticentes a aplaudir?
Será que me escondo assim tanto? Que a muralha que construí à minha volta é assim tão grande? Será que ninguém me vê realmente? Será que não mereço ser amada, aceite, apoiada?
Estarei destinada à solidão? Já não bastará aquela que sinto constante?
“Cada ser humano é um universo.” Haverá algum universo que queira compartilhar-se com o meu? Será o meu micro-cosmos um que não tem compatibilidade nem lugar para estar com mais nenhum?
Tantas vezes me ponho estas perguntas e tantas mais acabo sem respostas. Aliás, nunca obtive resposta. Serei a única a perguntar-me? Serei a única a não obter respostas? Estarei, também nisso, só?
Que bom que hoje já sei onde me encontrar, que já tenho universos onde o meu pode pousar e vice-versa. Meus queridos amigos, nem sonham o quanto têm sido essenciais para manter a minha sanidade (mesmo que às vezes pareça que já a perdi).
Adoro-vos a todos!
PS – Hoje, 19 de Abril de 2016, mantenho estas palavras finais. Grata a todos os que me têm acompanhado nesta jornada e neste crescimento, o meu coração é vosso.

The Crest of Snow and Copper – XV

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Woukd love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 15:

He just wanted to please her, to obey her commands. That thought alone baffled him, the fact that he was willing to abide to her will without even thinking on it. There was only one woman to whom he had felt complied to obey like that… and she was his boss. Was this girl an enchantress? Why was he so defenseless near her? He could not find answers to those questions that crossed his mind.

Soon enough, her body was bare underneath his hands. Such a fragile frame she had, when in comparison to his size. He began his shameless expedition throughout her sinuous figure, plump to the perfect extent of his liking, tracing circles and spirals with fingertips and warm breath. He wanted to cover her in kisses. Thus, he began by focusing his attention on her breasts once more, this time more lovingly and slower than before. Round, full, rosy breasts; the darkest area of her aureoles and nipples hardened with arousal.

The girl’s breathing was shallow and quick, almost synchronized with his ministrations on her and that alone kept him focused on his surroundings. The race down her torso matched the speed of his heartbeat and the intensity of his lust. Though he was finding that there was something else lurking behind that aching desire to be physically closer to her than ever before.

Roles inverted now, when he began spreading her legs, a little forcefully as her shyness and modesty crept to the surface of her now sexually-driven mind. The young man chuckled, noticing the rush of blood on her cheeks and feeling her skin crawl as he brushed the back of his hands softly down her inner thighs, nearing her most intimate of places. He could feel the heat emanating from her core, undeniable proof that, though embarrassed and shy, she wanted him. His hands surrounded her bottom while his thumbs neared her labia.

The man faced a decision now: whether to approach her with hands or mouth first. Pondering on it as he enjoyed the view of the outlines of her swollen, flushed and moist sexuality and the scent of her arousal, his intakes of breath were already stimulating her insides. The girl felt him closing in on her slowly, her body responding to the teasing by rushing all her blood to the area surrounding her clitoris. As sudden as a car crash, his mouth and hands descended simultaneously upon her, covering the full extent of her womanhood.

To thy muted heart

To feel… feeling nothing is so much better than the horrible way we feel sometimes. That’s why we choose what’s safe – what is guaranteed not to make us hurt or suffer. We take the easy way out and refuse to take a leap of fatih into our own right to happiness. Cowards we are for the sake of our own hearts, for the pain of a broken heart is like none other.
Why? Why not try, risk, take that extra step? Why not be truly brave and keep ahead even though the feelings scare us and the uncertainties of all drive us into trembling hesitation? Why not be scared for a while and know real bliss and sincere affection instead of keeping on feeling as something’s missing (sorry John Mayer,lol), nurturing a loneliness we are not even aware for most of the time? Why not try, instead of hiding behing the “should be’s”?
Why not honour the ones who deserve it the most – our own selves? Everytime we fail to follow our hearts and give happiness the chance it’s trying to give us… we dishonour our very core as humans, we shame our souls, we kill the good there is in hope. Let’s just take the step and give ourselves the chance we truly deserve.
Go for it!
(originally written on February 7th, 2012 – still important today!)