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The Crest of Snow and Copper – XII

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Woukd love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 12:

She; she wanted this, she wanted him. Oh, Gods and Goddesses, how she did!

Her hands hastened to his waist, struggling to remove his sweater and reach that tan smooth skin underneath. Success in this task granted her view to his toned torso and impressive six-pack and access to his own hardened nipples, which her mouth hastened to kiss, lick, suckle and bite gently. Her reward was a sharp intake of breath from his part and the contraction of his body against hers.

Suddenly, both their upper bodies had been relieved from the constraints of clothing. It pleased her immensely to see the expression in his eyes as he was presented with her bare breasts. It made her feel beautiful, wanted. She felt empowered; she felt the way she thought a real woman should feel. Taking the matter into hands… and mouth, he began trailing her torso with the tip of his tongue, his teeth and his lips. The warmth of his breath sent shivers throughout her body.

The girl was suddenly laying on the lush soft deep red carpet, with him on top of her, exploring the lines of her tattoo with his fingertips. His weight was surprisingly comfortable on her, as to her mind the idea of what was happening between them was comforting. She decided to stop thinking about it, stop planning and analyzing his and her every move and surrender to the flow of sensations coursing through all of her being.

He was now making his way to her lower belly, trailing her shape with kisses and caresses. She couldn’t help herself and clawed his shoulders firmly with her fingernails, leaving deep markings etched on his skin. The young man seemed to like it, as his shallow breath on her navel indicated. He was dangerously close to her intimacy, as she finally felt his hands grasp the waist of her jeans. Still, it was too soon for that, she decided, flipping him on his back and assuming the task he had before performed as her own.

=Deception of perception=

Tell me sweet little lies
that you like it
that I'm beautiful
that it's good.
Tell me small white lies
that you like me
that it's beautiful
that it's never been so good.
Say all the words
I want to hear,
I'll know they're untrue
but I won't shed a tear.
Say all those pretty words
to make my heart skip a beat.
I'll believe them all
that'll be my downfall.

                                  05 June 2011

The Crest of Snow and Copper – XI

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Woukd love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 11:

An all too familiar feeling of wings fluttering around her insides took over her body, while she kept her eyes closed, hoping she wasn’t dreaming. The slight pressure she was now starting to feel against her lower belly as their bodies closed in on one another assured her that it was real and very much so.

As their mouths parted, gasping for breath, their lips were slightly swollen, moist and tingling. Their bodies, however, rested as they were, her arms encircling his neck and his own cradling her frame. Her eyes widened in surprise, taking in their surroundings: they were not in her bedroom anymore. He had taken them somewhere else.

They were in a different bedroom, candlelit, furnished in an antique style, a four poster bed placed at the center of the huge deep red rug on floor. A chaise-longue and a lounge chair were the only other pieces of furniture apart from the candelabra all around. The colors of deep red and black were the dominants on the décor, with even the wood being of the darkest hue she had ever laid eyes upon. It was luscious and sensuous and beautiful, like a fantasy out of her imagination.

Now, this kind of event wasn’t exactly unusual to her. Magic ran free in her world ever since anyone could remember, though not many were gifted for it. She never knew he was this gifted in the arcane arts. Yet, the surprise and shock of her new whereabouts left her mind quickly as his kiss enthralled her again.

His arousal was now quite evident, though her desire was not far behind it, simply not so visible. Even so, he knew it and confirmed it when his hand landed upon her left breast, circling her hardened nipple, which he could feel even though it was under her bra and blouse. That move gained him an audible and deep sigh from the girl, making him want her even more.

Amore Anima

Anima Mea Aeterna
coração da noite
aroma de deserto
sabor de café e menta
asa negra estrelada
onda de mar revolto
sopro de brisa agreste
lábios de puro mel
mãos de sal e sol
corpo de impuro divino
ardente sussurro
torrente de emoção
muralha protectora de
amplo abraço terno
ágil sonho profundo
sorriso de fumo
beijo pleno de luar
lugar onde mais pertenço
castelo étereo de prata e ónix
não me voltes a deixar.

Agosto, 2011

The Crest of Snow and Copper – X

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Would love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 10:

Her mind was racing now. He was going to kiss her, like he had so many times, during their constant teasing, threatened to do. As she had been imagining he would do for quite some time now. And then, he did. There it was, his kiss, planted softly and lightly on her lips.

Such sweetness from such a person seemed almost impossible and yet, she had always known it would be like that. Only one possible option for her now: surrender to his kiss, to his hands cupping her face, to his warmth. What really surprised her was the realization she had wanted this all along.

As her mind wandered back into reality, she knew she had to do something before his lips parted from hers against her will. So she did, placing her hands around his neck, thumb tips caressing his solid jaw line, pressing herself against his body.

It was like feeding gasoline into a small fire. It felt like their cores were now mingled in a furnace containing the roaring fires of Hell. The slipping of her tongue into his slightly open mouth was responded by his embrace, hands roaming through her torso, one resting at her hip and the other encircling her waist completely. It felt good, warm and caring. Above all, it felt safe. Safer than she had ever felt in another lover’s arms.

She was slightly surprised by the contact between their tongues, meeting halfway somewhere during that kiss. He tasted like spices, like mint, like chocolate and coffee. He tasted of mystery and unrestrained passion. She could only lose herself in it and always crave for more.


This really hit me in the chin. Amén!

I have seen others get by-and do well-with strong convictions and a limited perspective.  (Un?)fortunately for me, I was unable to do so, and had my eyes forcibly and painfully opened to some of th…

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Actualização de Segunda | Monday Update

Este fim-de-semana foi recheado de coisas boas, mais que o habitual 🙂

Faço parte de um grupo coral, cujo repertório se foca maioritariamente em música moderna/ contemporânea – e no sábado passado foi a nossa estreia em palco! Começámos ensaios há 1 ano e finalmente viemos mostrar o que temos andado a fazer.

Foi mágico para quem esteve no palco, um momento pleno de emoções e boa vibe. Espero que também tenha sido para quem assistiu – pelo menos as palmas assim o fizeram pensar!

Espreitem aqui:

Oasis V

This weekend was filled with good stuff, more than usual 🙂

I am part of a choral group, that mostly sings modern music – and last Saturday was our stage debut! We started reharsals a year ago and we finally got to show what we have been doing.

It was magical for those that were on stage, a moment full of emotion and good vibe. I dio hope that those watching felt that way too – at least the applause at the end left us thinking so.

Have a look here: