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Been away… but now I’m back!

As you might have noticed, I was absent for a couple of weeks. There are several reasons for that, of course.

One, workload. Not that I have an immense workload, but my bosses have these periods when they demand anything and everything of me – at the same time. These past two weeks were a bit like that.

Two, a need for some soul-searching. Though I love my job, doing all these secretary and receptionist things (except maybe telephone calls – telephone calls are hell, I hate them!), I have been feeling a bit…stagnated, perhaps. I have been struggling to find meaning in my work and been longing to find that exact work that could fullfil that need of mine.

Three, the intense heat. It has been hot as peppers around here and that, of course, subdues most of my productive juices into a languid lump of lazy me. I love Summer, I love the heat – but I know it makes me be lazier than usual, even with things I love.

writing-923882_960_720Four, a bit of writers block. Associate with point 2. Feeling lost and useless in the world tends to drain my ability to write – even though the inspiration is as fervent as ever or more!
It’s that depressing feeling of not being productive to the world, feeling that everything you do has no meaning and in no way contributes to the betterment of the world – it kind of stops you dead in your tracks with everything you do – wether it is something you really love doing or not.

Five, taking some time for other things. Like my Reiki traireiki-principles.190154340_std.jpgning – which I have been slacking off quite a lot. Decided to focus more on it – and, associated with it, my meditation practice. That also means I decided to work on myself, in an honest manner. Inner work to grow my being and feel fullfilled. Along with this, I decided to take my volunteering to write for the Portuguese Reiki Association blog more seriously – hence not writing so much here (I have to tell you, writing the covering of an event from almost 2 weeks ago has been hell).

Six, and last (but not least): gaming. Yes, the addiction is there and I have been indulging – most certainly Brave Exviusbecause of how I’ve been feeling about my life. So, what have I been playing? As I showed you in my previous post, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on my phone, alongside Final Fantasy X, remastered, on the PS3 (revivalism, I so love that game – maybe because it was my first Final Fantasy!).

Also on the phone…the unavoidable Pokémon GO! I am now taking nice walks,by myself and with my guy once in a while, which has helped improve my mood and also has gotten me pokemon-go-live-in-japan-for-field-test_kj4d.640to do some exercise! It is such a thrill and I feel so childish and happy while searching for new pokemons for my collection! With all due precautions, of course.


So, that’s been my last two weeks…what about yours?
(And do you have any advice for me, concerning the dillemas I presented you in this little confession of mine?)

Love and light,


Painel: Reiki e a Lei da Atracção para uma Vida Feliz | Panel: Reiki and the Law of Attraction for a Happy Life

O último painel do dia trouxe-nos uma perspectiva interessante, baseada na reflexão e experiência da oradora, que encontrou paralelismos e ligações entre os Gokkai (cinco princípios do Reiki) e as regras da Lei da Atracção.
Realmente faz muito sentido o que foi exposto, pois ambos são aspectos da energia universal que podem ser trabalhados em conjunto para convidar a Felicidade para as nossas vidas.

Por fim, fomos convidados a fazer uma meditação em conjunto, guiados por esta oradora. Um partilha final, de comunhão e serenidade.
Foi uma tarde bem passada, recheada de emoções e aprendizagem, de partilha e debate. Obrigada a todos os participantes e à Associação Portuguesa de Reiki por nos terem proporcionado estes momentos!


The last panel of the day brought us an interesting perspective, based on the experience and reflections of the speaker, who found some parallels and connections between the Gokkai (five principles of Reiki) and the rules of the Law of Attraction. It really makes much sense, since both are aspects of the universal energy that can be worked together to invite Happiness into our lives.

Lastly, we were invited to partake in a group meditation, guided by this speaker. A final sharing of energies, in communion and serenity.
It was a very good afternoon, filled with emotion and learning, sharing and dialogue. Thank you so much to all the participants and the Portuguese Reiki Association for having made these moments possible!

Painel: Como levar Reiki às Escolas e o Impacto nos Alunos | Panel: How to bring Reiki to schools and the impacto on the students

O painel seguinte trouxe-nos a apresentação de um projecto que tem decorrido na zona de Gaia.
Depois de apresentado o projecto de fazer Reiki aos alunos em várias escola, também para que fosse possível avaliar o efeito que receber Reiki poderia ter nestes e na vida escolar, uma escola acedeu a receber o projecto voluntário e indicou crianças que poderiam beneficiar do Reiki.
Além das crianças que usufruíram de sessões de Reiki, foi também dada à equipa a possibilidade de fazer formação em Reiki com alunos de uma turma vocacional.
Os próprios professores procuraram saber mais e os jovens reconheceram rapidamente os benefícios do Reiki para as suas vidas. Os resultados finais do projecto só serão conhecidos no final do ano lectivo, mas tudo indica que haverá lugar à continunidade do Reiki nesta escola e à criação de projectos semelhantes noutras escolas que já manifestaram interesse.
A aposta está em formar os professores em Reiki, para que possam ter mais essa ferramenta no seu trabalho diário com as nossas crianças e jovens, e igualmente instituir uma presença permanente de terapeutas de Reiki nas escolas, à semelhança do gabinete do Psicólogo e, preferencialmente, em sinergia com este.
Votos de muito sucesso, é um passo importante na mudança de paradigma na educação!


The next Panel brought us the presentation of a project happening in the Gaia area (Oporto region).
Having presented this project of giving Reiki to students to several schools, also with the objective of studying the effect that being given Reiki can have in them and their school life, one of the schools accepted this volunteer based initiative and indicated children that were thought to benefit from having Reiki given to them. Besides the students that benefited from Reiki sessions, the team was also given the opportunity to teach Reiki to a group of students from a class called ‘vocacional’.
Teachers reached out to know more and understand Reiki better and the students recognised the benefits of Reiki for their lives quite rapidly. The final data and results will only be known after the end of the school year, but there is a strong will to continue the project in this school and interest from other school for similar projects to happen in their premises.
The idea now, because volunteers are limited in number and schedule availability, is to give teachers Reiki training, so they have another tool for their daily work with the students and also to create a permanent presence if a Reiki therapist in schools, similarly to a Psychologist’s office and preferably working together with that professional.
Wishes of much success, this is a very important step in the paradigm shift in education


Sou terrível! | I am terrible!

Eu bem quis terminar os posts sobre as Jornadas de Terapeutas de Reiki ontem…mas o Domingo falou alto em duas frentes: preguiça e afazeres para a semana que se avizinhava!
Hoje fecho o ciclo…até uma próxima incursão no mundo do Reiki 🙂

I really wanted to finish my posts about the Reiki Therapists’ Encounter yesterday but… Sunday spoke louder in two fronts: lazyness and duties to prepare the week ahead!
Today I close the cicle…until a next incursion into the world of Reiki 🙂


Painel: Reiki para Animais | Panel: Reiki for Animals

A boa disposição da D. Olinda foi contagiante!
Foi patente o amor que tem aos animais e o trabalho que faz é sem dúvida um trabalho de amor.
Apresentou-nos vários casos diversos em que interviu com muito sucesso e, pessoalmente, fez-me querer praticar o Reiki com animais assim que tiver oportunidade!
Espero um dia poder conversar com a D. Olinda (que não consegui ontem) e participar no seu projecto, partilhar da sua alegria e aprender mais.
Marcada na memória fica a observação do quanto os animais são mais intuitivos e não tendo barreiras de racionalidade humana, a energia trabalha livremente e a sua acção fica à vista de todos muito rapidamente.


The cheer and good humor of Mrs. Olinda was contagious!
It was very obvious the love she has for animals and that this labour she does is a labour of love.
She presented us many diverse cases in which she was successful and, personally, made me want to practice Reiki with animals as soon as I have a chance!
I hope I can one day talk to Olinda (didn’t get the chance yesterday) and participate in her project, share in her joy and learn more and more.
To retain, in memory, the observation that animals are more intuitive and without the barriers of human rationality the energy flows freely and its action is visible to all quite rapidly.


Painel: Reiki e as Crianças | Panel: Reiki and Children

Este foi um painel muito emotivo, em que a interlocutora nos atingiu grandemente com a sua paixão pelo tema.
É urgente quebrar o paradigma da educação e a filosofia do Reiki poderá ser a bússola que guia este caminho.
Está a nascer desta paixão um projecto que ainda dará muito que falar!


This was a very emotional panel, where the speaker greatly hit us with her passion for this subject.
It is urgent to break the paradigm of education and the philosophy of ReiKi may be the compass that guides the way.
From this passion, a new project is being developed and with be the talk of town for sure!

Painel: Estudo de Caso – Reiki na Depressão | Panel: Case Study – Reiki for Depression

O terapeuta Nuno Nunes apresentou um caso de uma cliente com depressão que apresentou melhorias através da terapia com Reiki, a nivel da energia, da vitalidade e da serenidade e auto-estima.
Realçou a importância de trabalhar honestamente, da relação terapeuta-paciente e também da articulação com familiares e profissionais de saúde que acompanhem a pessoa.
Os resultados deste caso foram muito positivos até agora e a Faculdade de Psicologia no Porto, que está a acompanhar a senhora, quer perceber o que operou a mudança além da medicação.


The therapist Nuno Nunes presented us a case of a client with depression that showed some improvement through ReiKi therapy, in energy, vitality, self-esteem and serenity.
It was stressed how important it is to work with honesty, the importance of the therapist-patient relationship and of articulating with family members and health professionals that follow the case.
This lady’s result have been very positive so far and the Psychology College in Oporto, that is following this case closely, wants to understand how this change in her happened besides the medication.


Painel: Reiki na Saúde Mental | Panel: Reiki in Mental Health

A segunda parte das Jornadas de Terapeutas de Reiki teve apresentações de terapeutas que actuam em diversas áreas, sendo este painel em específico sobre a saúde mental, a sua importância, como o Reiki pode ajudar e conselhos sobre o acompanhamento a pessoas com situações de saúde mental que procurem o Reiki para melhorar.


The second part of the Encounter for ReiKi Therapists  had presentations of therapists that act in very diverse areas. This specific panel was about mental health; how it is important, how can ReiKi help and important advice on how to work with people with mental health issues that look to Reiki for help to get better.



Ontem fiquei sem bateria no telemóvel e não consegui terminar o meu acompanhamento em tempo real das Jornadas de Terapeutas de Reiki!
Hoje vou apresentar a segunda parte, com painéis sobre casos práticos e mais projectos reais. Até já!

Yesterday my phone’s battery died and I was unable to finish my real time blogging of the ReiKi Therapist’s Encounter!
Today I will present the second half, which consisted of panels about practical cases and more real projects. See you soon!