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On feelings… a read I hardly knew I needed before I read it.

Sometimes you feel bad for feeling… That should never be the case. Every feeling you have is valid and needed somehow.

You Are Entitled to Your Feelings – http://wp.me/p786VL-Ys

To thy muted heart

To feel… feeling nothing is so much better than the horrible way we feel sometimes. That’s why we choose what’s safe – what is guaranteed not to make us hurt or suffer. We take the easy way out and refuse to take a leap of fatih into our own right to happiness. Cowards we are for the sake of our own hearts, for the pain of a broken heart is like none other.
Why? Why not try, risk, take that extra step? Why not be truly brave and keep ahead even though the feelings scare us and the uncertainties of all drive us into trembling hesitation? Why not be scared for a while and know real bliss and sincere affection instead of keeping on feeling as something’s missing (sorry John Mayer,lol), nurturing a loneliness we are not even aware for most of the time? Why not try, instead of hiding behing the “should be’s”?
Why not honour the ones who deserve it the most – our own selves? Everytime we fail to follow our hearts and give happiness the chance it’s trying to give us… we dishonour our very core as humans, we shame our souls, we kill the good there is in hope. Let’s just take the step and give ourselves the chance we truly deserve.
Go for it!
(originally written on February 7th, 2012 – still important today!)

A way

A way of grieving. A way of saying goodbye. A way of love.

 I am now in the darkest night
looking for you
of whom there’s no sight…
life is through,
at least for you…
then why does it feel
like without you nothing’s real?
You bathed my soul in sweetest light
with your love, wisdom and care…
as sure as clouds are white,
I knew you’d always be there.
Loved one,
dearest departed,
you’ve taken my sun,
my life is now unguarded…
God knows I want you back!
In my heart lies a void
whirling, twisting, hurting
in oh so many shades of black.
Feel my sorrow,
but on it do not dwell…
I’ll miss you forever,
your tenderness was a spell.
Love eternal I send to you,
token of words unspoken
of what I couldn’t see through,
of all my sweet memories…
of you.

June, 2008