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Rickman. The voice I’ll never forget.

I never though I would be writing two of these in the same week.

Alan Rickman has passed away today. At the age of 69. From cancer.
Just like David Bowie, 3 days ago (was it just 3 days?seems it was longer)

What the gosh darned is wrong with the Universe?!

I will never forget his singular voice, that I could recognize so easily and found so rich and full.

I will always remember the Sheriff, Hans Gruber and Professor Snape.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Rickman. You will be remembered.



Bowie. Immortal.

David Bowie has passed away. The man, the human shell, is dead.

The soul, it is undying. The Chameleon shall never be truly dead.

Major Tom has made liftoff and left us last night.

But his work is eternal, magic and unique – touching generations before and generations to come.

Bowie is dead. Long live Bowie.