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Questões interiores | Inside questions

Sabem aqueles dias assim…desesperantes?
Não que aconteça algo de mau ou que haja stress, dias que são perfeitamente normais até…mas que uma parte de ti, lá dentro, se vai questionando “aguento mais aproximadamente 50 anos disto?” e nem sabes responder…
50 x 365 = 18250… são muitos dias… são tantos dias…
You know those days that just feel like…despair?
Not that something bad happened or not that there’s some stress; days that are perfectly normal, even…but some part of you, inside, questions itself “can I take it, another 50 years or so of this?” and you don’t even know how to answer that…
50 x 365 = 18250… that is a lot of days… it’s so many days…

Been away… but now I’m back!

As you might have noticed, I was absent for a couple of weeks. There are several reasons for that, of course.

One, workload. Not that I have an immense workload, but my bosses have these periods when they demand anything and everything of me – at the same time. These past two weeks were a bit like that.

Two, a need for some soul-searching. Though I love my job, doing all these secretary and receptionist things (except maybe telephone calls – telephone calls are hell, I hate them!), I have been feeling a bit…stagnated, perhaps. I have been struggling to find meaning in my work and been longing to find that exact work that could fullfil that need of mine.

Three, the intense heat. It has been hot as peppers around here and that, of course, subdues most of my productive juices into a languid lump of lazy me. I love Summer, I love the heat – but I know it makes me be lazier than usual, even with things I love.

writing-923882_960_720Four, a bit of writers block. Associate with point 2. Feeling lost and useless in the world tends to drain my ability to write – even though the inspiration is as fervent as ever or more!
It’s that depressing feeling of not being productive to the world, feeling that everything you do has no meaning and in no way contributes to the betterment of the world – it kind of stops you dead in your tracks with everything you do – wether it is something you really love doing or not.

Five, taking some time for other things. Like my Reiki traireiki-principles.190154340_std.jpgning – which I have been slacking off quite a lot. Decided to focus more on it – and, associated with it, my meditation practice. That also means I decided to work on myself, in an honest manner. Inner work to grow my being and feel fullfilled. Along with this, I decided to take my volunteering to write for the Portuguese Reiki Association blog more seriously – hence not writing so much here (I have to tell you, writing the covering of an event from almost 2 weeks ago has been hell).

Six, and last (but not least): gaming. Yes, the addiction is there and I have been indulging – most certainly Brave Exviusbecause of how I’ve been feeling about my life. So, what have I been playing? As I showed you in my previous post, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on my phone, alongside Final Fantasy X, remastered, on the PS3 (revivalism, I so love that game – maybe because it was my first Final Fantasy!).

Also on the phone…the unavoidable Pokémon GO! I am now taking nice walks,by myself and with my guy once in a while, which has helped improve my mood and also has gotten me pokemon-go-live-in-japan-for-field-test_kj4d.640to do some exercise! It is such a thrill and I feel so childish and happy while searching for new pokemons for my collection! With all due precautions, of course.


So, that’s been my last two weeks…what about yours?
(And do you have any advice for me, concerning the dillemas I presented you in this little confession of mine?)

Love and light,


So… I’ve been gaming!

So, this week I went to Google Play and found this game:

Have been playing quite a lot since installing and am definitely liking it! Might even get a bit addicted, I missed playing Final Fantasy anything!

Funny that I ended up with this when I was originally searching for Pokemon Go – which unfortunately is not available in my country yet ( though I hear rumours of some apk going around and working, the servers are just going nuts).
I have obtained said apk but haven’t been able to get in the game itself just yet, as it seems the servers have been down or some measures against cheating have been put in place. Still, I hear there’s a gym right next to the place where I work, as well as other interesting stuff – and a co-worker caught 2 zubats, 1 charmander and a pikachu in the vicinity of our office!
Can’t wait to be able to try it!

What about you guys?
What are your thoughts on this new Pokemon release?
What are you playing this weekeend?

Compaixão | Compassion

Um minuto de reflexão, uma questão:

Compaixão para connosco não deveria ser tão importante como para com os outros?

Ando a fazer um curso online sobre mindfulness (no site Future Learn) e a questão da compaixão ficou comigo. Talvez por ser tão dura comigo mesma, constantemente, no meu diálogo interior. Um pouco de compaixão e aceitação podem fazer tanta diferença na forma como nos sentimos no dia-a-dia!

E vocês? Quais são os vossos pensamentos sobre este tema?

A minute for reflection, a question:

Shouldn’t having compassion towards ourselves be as important as it is to have it towards others?

I am doing an online course on mindfulness (at Future Learn) and this issue abuot compassion has stuck with me. Perhaps because I am so harsh on myself, constantly, in my inner dialogue. A bit of compassion and acceptance can make such a big difference in how we feel in everyday life!

What about you? What are your thoughts on this subject?



Pensado em coisas… | Thinking of stuff

Ando cansada do mundo. Deste paradigma que impulsiona a sociedade.
Não me faz sentido; não ressoa no meu sentir; não parece mais funcionar para a Humanidade.

Pensar nestas coisas angustia-me. Pensar no que nos aguarda nos dias vindouros, é um exercício intelectual que me assusta. Mas dou por mim, cada vez mais, a revisitar estes pensamentos e a re-sentir estas angústias e temores.

Será que podemos mudar alguma coisa? Como? Por onde começar?

Não sei. Não sei. Não sei. Mas há que tentar.


I have been feeling tired of the world. Of this paradigm that drives society.
It does not make sense to me; it does not find an echo within my feeling; it doesn’t seem to work for Humanity anymore.


Thinking about these things leaves me anguished. Thinking about wait awaits us in days to come, is an intelectual exercise that frightens me. But I find myself, ever more, reviting these thoughs and feeling these anguishes and fears once again.

Can we change anything? How? Where to start?

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. But we must try.

The Crest of Snow and Copper – Ending

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Would love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
The Ending:

– It’s not what you think… I’m sorry! – He started explaining, while her anger built up slowly to a desire to beat him up. – I really don’t know how to explain this any better than saying that that marking is something that I bestow upon beings extremely rarely. It means something more than ‘I’ve been here’. It means you belong to me. But it also means I belong to you.

She was dumb shocked. Had he just said that she belonged to him? More, had he just said he belonged to her? Something seemed extremely impossible to her in all this, now. When was she going to wake up, for this could only be another dream?

– You did something to me… marked me, to show I belong to you and you belong to me? – The girl asked, confused. – But most people aren’t able to see that marking? So what’s the point? And what do you mean with belonging?

– The mark, my seal, my crest, if you wish to call it like that. It may not be visible to the majority, but even though they don’t see it, they will know you have someone. – He started explaining, with a soft smile on those rosy ‘just-the-perfect-amount-of-thick’ lips. – You did something to me, you know? You awakened something in me I had no idea I had. You saw in me things, a person, not even I had seen. You have marked me long before I marked you. And that marking you gave me is just as invisible as your own.

She was speechless. All that was like him saying he loved her, actually. Maybe even more than that. The girl could only smile, understanding his actions. She could only hold him tight as she kissed him. She could only try to hold back those tears of joy that ran down her cheeks into his face. She had never felt like this. She had never been felt like this.

Resting again on his chest, the girl curled with the boy, both slipping slowly into the land of dreams. Though no dream could ever compare to how they felt in each other’s arms.