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On Wednesdays we do words: readings

Parece que preparar-me para publicar no blog numa regularidade semanal de dia fixo está a funcionar para mim.

Esta regularidade com tempo adicionado para pensar no que vou escrever aparentemente é boa para mim, espermos que consiga transformá-la num hábito.

Esta semana assinalou o começo de uma espécie de clube do livro, que definimos como um almoço literário semanal – e começámos por partilhar alguns objectivos pessoais de leitura para 2018, para que nos possamos apoiar e incentivar umas às outras.

Para mim, 2018 em leituras e livros esperançosamente será assim:

  • Desafio do Goodreads definido a 33 livros para este ano.
  • Qeuro ler mais em Português, especialmente autores de língua oficial portuguesa (pelo menos 1/3 das minhas leituras)
  • Quero ler um livro em Francês (tenho Os Miseráveis em mente – e na conta kindle – mas isso pode mudar)
  • Quero ler um género que nunca tenha lido – a considerar biografia, pois creio que nunca li e assustam-me um pouco.

Olhando para isto agora, escrito, talvez tenha tido mais olhos que barriga, tendo em conta que tenho vários interesses diversos e quero dedicar tempo a todos eles! Logo veremos… agora tenho-vos a todos que leram estas palavras para virem “cobrar” de mim.

E vocês? Lêem muito? Nem por isso? Quais são os vossos objectivos /desafios de leituras para este ano, se tiverem alguns? Sugestões de livros são sempre bem-vindas, especialmente se me desafiarem a ir longe dos meus habituais (fantasia, ficção científica e etc.)!

Seems like getting ready to post on a weekly, scheduled basis is kind of working for me.

This regularity but with time added to think on what to write appears to be a good thing for me, let’s hope I can make a habit out of it!

This week signaled the start of a sort of book club, which we set up as a weekly literary lunch – and we started by sharing some personal reading goals for 2018, so we can keep each other accountable in a way.

For me, 2018 in readings and books aims to be as follows:

  • Goodreads challenge set at 33 books for this year.
  • Want to read more in Portuguese, especially Portuguese native authors (at least 1/3 of my readings)
  • Want to read a book in French (have Les Misérables in mind – and in my kindle account – but that can change)
  • Want to read a genre/type I never read – considering biography, as I believe I never read one and they kind of scare me.

Looking at it now, written down, seems like I might be in over my head, as I have such diverse interests and would like to dedicate time to all of them! We’ll see…now I have all of you that read these words to keep me accountable as well!

How about you? Big readers? Not so much? Let me know your reading goals for 2018 if you have any; book suggestions are also greatly appreciated – challenge me to go beyond my usuals (fantasy, sci-fi type things)!

Productive weekend

Been a nice couple of days, this weekend. I got a lot of stuff sorted out, from my papers, finance and clothes; I wrote, I crocheted, I read, I cooked and cleaned; I made sense of all electronics and cables I had lying around.
I had some fun times with my guy, got a phone call from a good friend from my home town, a visit from my bestie that lives across the street (sort of), I watched some good shows.

I am feeling generally well and good about myself, even though I feel lazy and wish the weekend had an extra day – in between Saturday and Sunday, for instance. On the other hand, I feel the urge to get things done; like planning out some blogging, writing some more on my stories – sorting out the structure to my JAFF project and getting it going, letting my curiosity about photography develop, etc. Many things.

Another thing I started doing this week, which I expect to keep up throughout the year and into the future, was practicing writing with my non-dominant hand. I think it will be an interesting exercise for my brain, as well as the meditation I have been trying to make a habit of mine (I have been slacking out a bit, especially on weekends, but I intend to keep on doing my 10 minutes during either my morning or evening commute).

I am also getting back to my physical exercise, rejoining yoga classes next Tuesday after a couple of months that I was unable to attend – in which I actually noticed the difference with the absence of this routine I was developing.

A few more plans for the upcoming year, hopefully to continue beyond that, that I’ll share as it goes along. Let’s hope this momentum I have keeps up!

How about you guys, how has this first week of the year been?


Loucura de Novembro | November Madness

Ora então, um pequeno update: decidi tentar novamente o NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), depois de o ano passado ter fugido dele a 7 pés e em 2014 ter chegado apenas às 3000 palavras.


Para ajudar à festa, incentivada pela minha amiga Rita (do blog From Pemberley to Milton, espreitem!), decidi que este ano vou arriscar numa coisa que nunca fiz: Fan Fiction. [bem, se calhar fiz nos tempos áureos da adolescência, criando estórias sobre os meus ídolos musicais e heartbreakers da altura, os BackStreet Boys – que por acaso parece que estão a fazer um comeback este ano, sabiam? Coincidências espantosas!]

Ora tendo estes dados presentes, não vos será surpreendente a revelação que a minha proposta para este NaNoWriMo, em Fan Fiction, seja com base no clássico de Jane Austen, “Orgulho e Preconceito”. Se quiserem saber um bocadinho mais do que se tratará, podem ver na página: da minha novel deste ano.

Partilho com vocês esta loucura, pois sei que assim assumo um compromisso público e sinto-me mais “obrigada” a cumprir! 😀 Ajudem-me a conquistar este objectivo!

Well then, a small update: I have decided to try again doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), fter having fled from it like the devil from the cross last year and having only reached 3000 words in 2014.


To help this party, with incentive from my friend Rita (@ the From Pemberley to Milton blog, have a look there!), I decided that I was going to venture into something I have never done before: Fan Fiction. [well, I may have donesome of that during my teenage golden days, making up stories about my music idols and hearbreaker, the BackStreet Boys – who apparently are making a big comeback this year, did you know? Amazing coincidences!]

Now then, having all this data in mind, it should not surprise you when I reveal that my proposition for this NaNoWriMo, in the Fan Fiction category, is based on Jane Austen‘s classic, ‘Pride and Prejudice’. If you want to know some more about what it will be, you can check the page for my 2016 novel. (and yes, I will be writing in English, which is an added challenge for a non-native, especially because it should not be contemporary English to be historically accurate).

I am sharingthis madness with you because I knowthat taking on this project in a public manner I will feel more “forced” to comply!:D Help me conquer this objective!

Books bringing people together (again)

Well, this is a happy story. And a real one:

My friend Rita Deodato went to college with me. When we left, we lost touch. One of these days of 2015, I noticed on Facebook she had started a blog.

One about books. Especifically, a JAFF blog.

Don’t know what JAFF is? Don’t worry, I didn’t either. It’s Jane Austen Fan Fiction. And there is quite a lot of it and quite a big fan base, I tell you.

Well, me liking and commenting oon her posts led to us chatting on Facebook and eventually meeting up again (after I was the lucky winner in one of her giveaways)!

I really enjoyed spending time with her again and reconnect and I am very thankful for this shared love of books to have brought us back together 🙂

Now, you can read all about it here:


I think I have been won over by JAFF, to be honest. Give it a go, you might just find something you like too!