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On the nature of being yourself


Genii of my existence, how I have searched for you how I have waited for you.
How I have longed for you!

All these years, this void, this notion of being incomplete and not knowing why! This missing you without knowing you, my outer soul, my inner self.

Looking deep within for what was out and reaching far away for what was close. What an utter fool was I! But, such as it is said, we grow. Live and learn. Know thyself… and love thyself. Find your completion in your virtues and, more importantly, in your flaws.

Worn out sentences, same old clichés, but still valid, still so true: know yourself, value yourself, fear not showing the real you to the world! Some may love you, some may hate you, some may not even notice you… and all the in-betweens. It has always been that way.

Still, no matter what, live to your fullest, being true to who you are.

September, 2009