The Crest of Snow and Copper – VIII

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Woukd love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 8:

There he was, the physique of a demi-god and the teasing annoying personality to match, snuggled in her bed, laughing at her. The girl let out a little sigh of both bedazzlement and annoyance.

– Are you going to answer me? If not, you can just leave now.

– Ah? Am I not welcome here? – He asked, challengingly, with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

The way he looked at her felt like a roaring fire, burning from within him and her alike. Intense, purposeful, with just the perfect hint of sadness and lust mingled in it.

– That’s not it, you thick-head. – She replied, after finally having forced herself away from the fire in those green twin seas of his eyes. – It’s just weird. YOU, of all people, at my house, in my bedroom! At this hour of the day, without even a word or warning.

Now, he was shocked. A bit embarrassed, too, to say the least. She actually didn’t notice it, for she was deeply enthralled in her speech, which was yet to come to a halt.

– We don’t even know each other to this level of trust, for you to come to my house like this! – The girl finally concluded, panting a bit from all that ranting, staring at him.

– Well, you are right. I apologize for showing up uninvited and, quite obviously, unwelcome. – He retorted, getting up and making his way towards the front door. – I will be leaving right now.

As he walked past her, her hand rested on the inside of his arm, above the elbow, on a firm grip, as she whispered for him to wait, without even turning to look at him. He stopped the instant her hand made contact with his arm, simply standing, a good 30cm taller than her. He could have kept on going easily, being pretty obviously stronger than her.

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