The Crest of Snow and Copper – VI

** Warning *** Mature content ahead *** My “sort of” erotic piece ***
I’ll be posting this short story in a few installments, weekly. Woukd love to have your feedback on it, pretty please?
Part 6:

– What are you thinking about? – He asked, with a sort of silly grin.

– Well… nothing concerning you. – She retorted, causing the smile to leave his face. – Would you mind stepping aside? I need to get out of the bed.

– Out of bed? Why would you want to do that? Isn’t it comfortable in there? – The young man asked, tilting his head slightly to the left.

– Sure it is. Why don’t you get in here then? – She retorted; a flirty smile on her lips and a mischievous look on her eyes.

That took him by surprise, eyes widening in shock at her bold suggestion.

– While you’re at it, keep your eyes closed, so I can have some privacy without rudely kicking you out. I need to get dressed and all that sort of things. – The girl added then, laughing at his expression.

– Ah, I see. – He seemed a bit disappointed, but couldn’t avoid laughing along with her.

Stepping aside, he granted her passage and landed himself comfortably among the bed covers, relaxing both muscles and expression.

All the way to the dresser and out of the bedroom, she could feel his firmly set gaze on her back. Turning around, the young woman was presented with his relaxed figure sprawled across her bed, eyes lazily closed and smiling slightly, proof he had just closed them. She could distinctively apprehend the soft and slow movement of his wide chest, to the rhythm of his deep breathing. “He is gorgeous”, she thought. “That I cannot deny in any way.”

“My my my…”, the young man thought in turn, totally unaware of her own thoughts and gaze. “Isn’t she a feisty one…? I actually thought she was inviting me into bed with her!”


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