Broken. Barren. And hollow.

There is nothing left inside
the barren waste now sheds its last drop
as the soil goes cold and dead
the tears finally stop.

I re-negate myself
as I so often do
but somehow this time
I just know it’s through.

There is no rhyme or reason
no time and surely no season
the earth remains silent and dead
there is no more path to tread.

I fail once again
in the main course of study.
I once again am shown
that I am to be none, to do none, to know none.

I present my resignation
the position of inadequate does not suit me anymore
There you go, life, I quit
leave me be and close the door.

There is no path and no companion
no one to read my soul
I choose now to remain silent
as a way to keep control.

There is nothing left for me
having destroyed all I had
All I touch becomes broken
and that’s why I am so sad.

No more demanding from me
rest assured and breathe relief
I shall be the pain and more
and change my name to grief.

♥ Somehow…it is still current and true – but only some days and not always. ♥

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