English poetry: mysterious child

Got me a knack for these, with the Black Cat one…so I decided to do sort of a series. I never did totally finish it, might get to it one of these days…

What do you guys think?

Magically met

Silent steps
Echo on the hall,
You look around
And see no one at all.
A childish giggle
Resounds in your head,
No innocence is found,
A path you fear to tread.
Suddenly she appears
As if magically summoned,
Holding a maimed bear,
Bearing a polished smile.
Black chunky locks
Perfectly arranged,
Mesmerizing eyes of purple
Big, wide, changed.
A little girl,
A soul of old,
A poise of regal stare,
A chubby hand to hold.
She knows of worlds
Forgotten by men,
She comes from places
I’ve never been in.
And she smiles,
Innocent and sober,
Grasping the bear
Without head,
Severed by the neck.
If this you have seen…
You’ve encountered The Lady of the Daevaehk.
14 Maio 2008

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